m i c r o t i a


What Causes Microtia?

Ears are structures that normally complete their development in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Microtia is a developmental disorder that occurs as a result of some adverse events experienced during this early period of pregnancy.

In the light of the information obtained in the researches about the formation mechanism, although it is believed that this situation occurs due to the insufficiency of the Stapedial Artery, which is the main vessel that provides blood circulation in the ear region, the factors affecting this vessel have not yet been clarified.

In the light of current information, it is thought that microtia may occur due to a combination of environmental, genetic and other factors, and in most cases, a definite cause cannot be determined. However, it is known that viral infections such as rubella in the first trimester, the mother's consumption of alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy, and/or some medications (thalidomide, isotretinoin (Accutane®) etc.) can cause microtia.

New research has found that mothers who were diabetic before becoming pregnant have an increased risk of microtia.