m i c r o t i a





A world-renowned plastic surgeon for his work on autologous reconstruction of lost body parts. Dr. Mutaf is one of the outstanding surgeons with more than 20 years of experience in microtia treatment and ear reconstruction worldwide. After his residency, he went to Japan for postgraduate studies, where he was influenced by the work of legendary microtia surgeon Dr.Nagata. After returning to Turkey, he focused specifically on ear reconstruction and devoted himself to improving results in autologous ear reconstruction. As a result of years of intensive work focused on the same subject, Dr. Mutaf has reached a world-wide admirable level, both in terms of experience and the success of his results. He developed unique surgical techniques for treatment of the children born with microtia and related anomalies. Dr. Mutaf is recognized worldwide today as the leading microtia surgeon who uses children's own natural cartilage in ear reconstruction. Instead of repeating the template ear models in ear reconstruction, Dr. Mutaf makes personalized ears with his own "Anatomical Replication Technique", which aims to replicate the non-microtial ear of each patient. In addition to ear reconstruction, his tremendous experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon allows him to treat the additional anomalies associated with microtia including hemifacial microsomia, facial palsy, jaw deformities, etc. to improve the lives of children born with syndromic forms of microtia. The results he obtained with his revolutionary ear reconstruction approach fascinate young surgeons from different countries of the world. He is an international lecturer and a member of the INTERNATIONAL AURICULAR RECONSTRUCTION SOCIETY - ISAR.