m i c r o t i a




Surgeries, whether major or minor, causes anxiety in everyone. If the patient who will go through a surgery is a chid, this will mean a very stressful process especially for the parents. Knowing what will happen before the surgery and getting informed about the preparation for the surgery will significantly reduce this anxiety and stress. In this section, we will discuss the information about the hospital and the issues that should be considered during the hospital stay.

For the safety of anesthesia, it is necessary not to eat or drink anything for at least 6 hours before the operation. it is important that the patient is brought to the hospital on the morning of the operation without eating or drinking anything.


After the surgery, you will stay in the hospital for a total of 3 days in a special room reserved for you. Our nurses and medical personnel who have received special training on microtia treatment will help you with their friendly manners and experience. For our patients to get through the recovery period without any problems, it is important that you cooperate with us in the matters listed below throughout hospital stay which have been carefully organized to provide you maximum comfort before and after the surgery.



After settling in your hospital room, the child to be operated on will be dressed in blue colored hygienic clothes. About half an hour before the operation, the child will be given a sedative in a small amount of fruit juice by our anesthesia team. While the kid is under the effect of this sedative, our compassionate and qualified nurses will open a vein access (BUTTERFLY) without fear and sadness. Then the child will be taken to the operating room and there will be no pain during the operation, since the patient will be under anesthesia throughout the procedure.

As parents, you can also accompany your child to the operating room entrance. BUT YOU CAN NOT ENTER THE OPERATING ROOM.


We want you, the parents, to wait outside the room during the dressing and check-ups at our clinic after discharge from the hospital and during the procedures that will be performed during the hospital stay after the surgery. Because our experience is that pediatric patients tend not to comply with the medical team when they have parents together with them. Especially an anxious parent who warns the child with the words as "do not be afraid” or "it will not hurt" is the last thing we want. Do not worry, the procedures to be performed during this whole process will be almost painless and are organized in such a way that the children will have no difficulties. We are an experienced team that has been doing this job for many years, and we have observed that the children have great confidence and harmony throughout the whole process, as long as you, parents, do not instill fear in them.


As a father of four and an experienced surgeon who has had to operate on his own children, I know how you feel and I understand your concerns very well. One more thing I know is that our children are much smarter and stronger than we think. They have the ability to adapt immediately if things are explained to them well. For many years, we have been witnessing the incredible transformations of children with mikrotia from different cities of our country and different countries of the world, and the tears of happiness of you parents. But even if your tears are from happiness, please do not cry in front of your children. Because your anxious attitude immediately passes to the child and the harmonious relationship we have established between your child and our team get damaged. We need you throughout the treatment process; not your tears, but your fortitude, support and understanding. As long as you cooperate with our team as a parent, you will see that your child will behave harmoniously enough to surprise even you, and the treatment process will be enjoyable for all of us. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Mutaf, MD