m i c r o t i a


What Happens


Since it is a rare condition, microtia is a congenital anomaly that is not fully known even by the doctors in a broad sense, except for specialists who are particularly interested in this issue. Therefore, unfortunately, families are often not adequately or accurately informed, they can lose time with unnecessary examinations and suffer material and immaterial losses.

I know from my conversations with the parents of my patients that, as with all congenital anomalies, when a baby with microtia was born, parents first ask themselves the question, "What did we do to deserve this?" They may have a tendency to feel guilty about the condition of their children or blame each other. However, there is nothing that would require the parents to blame themselves.

Because there is no definitive information about the exact cause of microtia. Again, at first, it is quite normal for you think that this problem exists only in your child, but as you investigate, it will not take much time for you to face the fact that thousands of children and parents around the world are actually looking for solutions to the same problem.

After you have survived the first shock, a process will be waiting for you in which you are looking for answers to many questions that occupy your mind, such as the above. This can be a really exhausting process during which you research and learn about microtia and everyone who does not know anything says something until you find the right doctor for your child.

In addition, you may not find the specialists with experience in microtia in every city. That is why, when creating the contents of this website, we have made it our main goal to inform you about microtia and to create a resource where you will find answers to the questions in your mind.


Throughout my professional life, I have had many successful and happy patients with microtia who were doctors, teachers, and businessmen. Stop worrying about your children and take action. Because there is a cure, and it is not far away. Do not worry, if our children born with microtia are treated in the right hands and if we can offer them the peaceful family environment and necessary social support that every child needs, they can be very much SUCCESSFUL and BENEFICIAL TO SOCIETY in their educational, professional and private lives.