m i c r o t i a




The most important thing we want you to know about the "surgery fee", which is one of the questions we hear most frequently, is that it is not possible for us to provide price information for patients who come to our clinic and have not been examined and tested and/or have not yet reached the age of surgery. In addition, we cannot give information about the price on the phone and on social media, and it is determined according to the condition of each patient, whether it contains additional anomalies and according to the treatment plan made after the examination.

Microtia is not a uniform anomaly. Treatment also varies according to the type of microtia and accompanying anomalies. Therefore, in order to be able to answer the question of "how much is the surgery cost", the patient must be asked by Prof. Dr. It should be examined by Mehmet Mutaf. According to the treatment plan to be created after the clinical evaluation and examinations to be made, the fee for the surgery and treatment will be clearly determined by our accounting department and notified to you.

A document and/or proforma invoice containing the treatment plan and fee information we have created after the examination can be given to families whose financial situation is not available to meet the surgery fees, so that they can request the help of non-governmental organizations, aid organizations or philanthropists. You can also use this document to obtain the governor's permissions required to launch a legal aid campaign.