m i c r o t i a



Children usually start asking questions about their own body from the age of 4. This is a process that develops as a result of an awareness that sometimes occurs by the childrens own realization of a physical difference in their bodies, and sometimes by the teasing attitudes and behaviors of other children around them. In this regard, family members, teachers, friends, in short, all people around these children have responsibilities. In particular, attitudes and behaviors that emphasize the children’s congenital difference should be avoided. However, you can ensure that they can confront their situation by informing them about this innate physical difference.

In children born with bilateral microtia, problems arising from hearing loss are at the forefront rather than shape differences. It is very important not to show tiredness or boredom when it is necessary to repeat what has been said to the child with significant hearing difficulties or when answering questions about the events around him. Otherwise, the child begins to suffer loneliness in the society and the picture becomes even more negative.