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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Mutaf


if you are reading these lines, either you have a child born with microtia or you have microtia yourself.


Since microtia rare condition, it is a condition that not fully known in a broad sense, even by doctors, except for specialists who are particularly interested in this topic. For this reason, unfortunately, families are often not adequately or correctly informed, they can lose time with unneccesery examinations, and they can be exposed to material and moral losses . 

As a doctor who dealt with ear reconstruction for over 25 years I konw very well how parents of the children borns with "microtia" feel. I also know that the lack of enlightening handbook about microtia is a great shortcoming. Therefore, I have prepared a handbook called "MICROTIA GUIDE" to inform you. You can download it as a PDF and read or store it in your library by printing it. 

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Throughout my professional life, I have had many successful and happy patients with microtia who were doctors, teachers, artists and businessmen. Stop worrying about your children and take action. Because there is a cure, and it is not far away. Do not worry, if our children born with microtia are treated properly and if we can offer them a peaceful family environment and necessary social supports that every child needs, they can be very SUCCESSFUL in their educational, professional and private lives.

Why Did This Happen?
Is Our Child Deaf?
What is the treatment?
Can Ears Be Made?

I know that there are many parents around the world who are looking for answers to these questions for their children with microtia and are in search of finding the right doctor to treat their children.  That is why, when creating the contents of this website, we have made it our main goal to inform you about microtia and to create a resource where you will find answers to the questions in your mind. On this website you can find information that will guide you on microtia and its treatment. If you still have questions in your mind you can write us via or you can call  +90 533 7111885

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